Monday, November 27, 2006

No Lindsay or Paris News Here, Ever!

Not that we were ever big on reporting Paris Hilton or Lindsay Lohan news in the first place, but now it's just fucking stupid.

If you check out, you'll see a damn soap opera brewing between Lohan, Paris and Paris' new fuck-buddy, Britney Spears.

Something about throwing drinks on each other, calling one of them a cunt and all sorts of high school drama. Sounds pretty intense, right? This was all just in the past few days.

Fast forward to today, the same site has a picture of all 3 whores, sitting in a car together, taken just last night.

If I was a flaming celeb gossip reporter who took myself somewhat seriously, I would feel like a complete tool for getting giggly like a schoolgirl and dedicating all of my time to this "feud" only to see them hanging out together the next day. How legit does that make you?

And this is why we will not be updating you on the latest Lohan/Paris drama. We'd rather give you more important stories. News that matters, like... ummmmmm......
yeah we have no idea.