Thursday, October 26, 2006

Happy Girl on Girl Friday!

You know I never,
I never seen you look so good.
You never act the way you should.
But I like it.
And I knooow yooou liiike it too,
The way that I want you...
I gotta have you
Oh yes, I do!

Holy hot hell, it's Friday! And we here at Cooterpunch would like to offer you and yours a hap... happ.... HAPPY GIRL ON GIRL FRIDAY!

We'd also like to thank each and every one of you for your love and support. This site has truly taken off in a big way and that's all because of you. So please, keep the feedback coming, we love to hear what you have to say; and continue to drop by and see what's up at Cooterpunch. Thanks again and have yourself one kick ass weekend!

Beyonce Falls on Her Head?

** Update: If you are looking for video of the Beyonce tumble from July 24th, click here! **

Cooterpunch reminder - Don't forget about our weekly Girl-on-Girl Fridays!!

Part of the dance routine or a bad slip?
Either way, seeing Beyonce Knowles fall on her head is kinda funny.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Who's Hotter?

Who would you rather do - Nicky Hilton or Marilyn Manson?

Tommy Lee Tongue Kisses a Dude

Tommy Lee and his Rockstar Supernova lead singer Lukas Rossi make out together outside of Frankie J's album release party in Hollywood on Tuesday. By looking at Rossi's left hand, we're guessing this isn't the first time these two have been gay with each other.

Janet Jackson Begs Japan to Buy Her CD

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Janet Jackson's latest CD is selling fairly poorly here in the U.S.

So Janet goes to Tokyo to promote the CD, dressed in a traditional Japanese kimono. Bitch will do anything to kiss some ass and sell some CD's! Next stop - Zimbabwe, Africa where she'll appear topless with barbells through her nipples!

Great, now I'm having Superbowl performance flashbacks.

Kurt Cobain is Freakin Rich

HollywoodRag reports that former Nirvana lead singer Kurt Cobain has topped Elvis Presley as the richest dead celebrity.

Latest figures - compiled by - show Cobain has made $50 million in the past year despite having killed himself in April 1994.

By comparison, second placed Elvis - who has held the top spot since 2001 and has been dead for almost 30 years - made just $42 million dollars in the past twelve months.

Other big earners who have long since passed include 'Peanuts' cartoon creator Charles Schulz - whose Charlie Brown and Snoopy cartoons are still syndicated in newspapers across the world - whose estate earned $35 million, and 'Imagine' singer John Lennon who raked in $24 million.

The 'Baby Einstein' brand of pre-school toys and DVD's helped late genius Albert Einstein earn $20 million last year, while cultural icons Andy Warhol and Marilyn Monroe also made the list.

Does this creep anyone else out? No? Ok, I'm just a big pussy.

Top Earning Dead Celebrities

1. Kurt Cobain - Musician
2. Elvis Presley - Singer
3. Charles M. Schulz - Peanuts creator
4. John Lennon - Musician
5. Albert Einstein - Physicist
6. Andy Warhol - Clutural Icon
7. Dr. Seuss creator Theodor Geisel
8. Ray Charles - Musician
9. Marilyn Monroe - Actress
10. Johnny Cash - Musician
11. J.R.R. Tolkien - Author
12. George Harrison - Musician
13. Bob Marley - Musician

Jessica Simpson's Dad Takes Sexy Pictures

Not that there's anything wrong with being a hot 26 year old girl, lying on a bed in an inviting position while daddy holds the camera and tells you to "show a bit more skin" and "look like you want it!"...

Thanks ImNotObsessed for the pic

How Our Boy Borat Hoaxed America

We're now less than 2 weeks away from the nationwide release of the new Borat film! And the BBC has a great article on how our favorite Kazakhstan reporter fooled America. You should check it out!

We're Back !

As you probably noticed (or didn't give 2 shits about), we took an extended weekend from the Cooterpunch. And for this we apologize. Hopefully you didn't do anything drastic because of the drought and were able to stay sane for those few days. But we're back hookers and hookettes, so make sure to stop by everyday and see what's up!

Rush Limbaugh Makes Fun of Parkinson's Disease

If this doesn't win you the Fat Fucking Douchebag of the Year Award, than nothing will -

DListed today wrote - responding to Michael J.Fox’s recent commercial for Missouri Senate Challenger Claire McCaskill, radio host Rush Limbaugh said, “He is moving around and shaking, and it is purely an act. If this was not an act, then I apologize”

The 30-second spot feature Michael, who suffers from Parkinson’s disease, speaking for McCaskill who supports stem-cell research. He shakes throughout the spot, a condition that is associated with the disease. Michael’s spokeswhore is outraged and said, “It’s an appalling, sad statement. Anybody who understands Parkinson’s disease knows it’s because of the medicine that one experiences involuntary movements like those Fox shows in the commercial.

I'm not even that much of an insensitive piece of shit. I really hope this pill-popping, self-obsessed, right wing nutjob cocksmoker gets run over by a bulldozer.

Update: Video of the commercial added