Friday, September 01, 2006

Today's Music is Gay

Am I the only one who thinks today's most popular bands are also the most gay?

I finally realized this while watching MTV's VMAs. Actually, I haven't even watched the show yet. I felt compelled to write this while watching My Chemical Romance's pre-show performance, where the log jammer lead singer whines about how his father used to take him to see a marching band in a parade. WTF? It's probably the gayest song I've ever heard.

And what is it with these little pussies and their gay "emo" haircuts, painting their fingernails and expecting us to respect their music? How can I respect you when you're busy taking pictures of your cock and wearing eyeliner?

Music sucks today. It's all so shitty and manufactured, I can't tell any of these bands apart anymore. And it's not just crappy pop/rock music. Hip hop is in the same shitty state.

Today's music needs more true bad asses. Guys who don't give a fuck about their feminine side and their insecurities and just want to rock your fucking head off.

So quit the whining about how your mommy and daddy didn't give you enough attention and how you enjoy parades and start making some kick ass music.