Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Umm Sorry Jess, That's Not Going to Happen

Jessica Simpson has been spreading the word that she'll be playing opposite Luke Wilson in Blonde Ambition, but it looks like no one told Jessica that's not going to happen. According to MSNBC, Wilson's people are trying to slow down the rumors, and others say Wilson has absolutely no interest in working with Simpson.

In September, Jessica lamented that she was "preparing myself" for the inevitable November tabloid covers that would link her to Wilson when she starts filming a role as his love interest in "Blonde Ambition." And just last week, she told Jimmy Kimmel, "I’m going into doing another movie with Luke Wilson called 'Blonde Ambition!'"

But a rep for Wilson told Star, "This project is in talks." What's more, a source told the tab, "Luke Wilson will never do a movie with Jessica Simpson."

The insider suggests that the star's manager dad Joe Simpson has been exaggerating prospects for the flick. "Joe is telling Jessica he’s getting big stars," says the source. "Joe's been working on it for months. It'll end up having a bunch of nobodies if it happens. He was trying to get Meg Ryan to be the Sigourney Weaver character. It's such a joke. He’s been sending out half-written scripts with personal letters to stars asking them to be in it."

Does Jessica realize that she is now considered BOX OFFICE POISON? Seriously, her father needs to stop whoring out his daughter and his daughter needs a new freakin manager.

We're also guessing that Papa Joe told Jess to wear this shirt (above) for the paparrazzi. "No sweetie, I can't see through it, it's fine."

thanks to EgoTastic for the story