Monday, October 02, 2006

George Michael is a Freakin Mess

Back in the late 80's, I thought George Michael was the man. I was younger back then and really had no idea he was gay. And while I now know that he is gay, I still stand by the fact George Michael is the shit. Great songs and great music videos (the dude had supermodels getting nakie in his "Freeom '90" video) make him a hall of famer in our book.

He's been in the news during the past year for doing things like falling asleep in his car after giving himself the date rape drug (GHB), crashing into parked cars and busted in a public park late at night while looking for random gay sex.

But recently he's kicked off a world tour which began last week in a sold out Barcelona stadium. His first tour in 15 years. With his career appearing to be back on track, it seems he might have fucked it all up again.

In London early this morning, George Michael was arrested on suspicion of possessing marijuana after police found him slumped over the steering wheel of his car.

Michael was arrested after police responded to complaints that a car was blocking an intersection in North London at 3:22 a.m. Sunday. He received a caution for possession of cannabis and was released on bail on a charge of being unfit to drive. He has a November court date.

This dude has millions of dollars, can probably pull just about any tail he wants (guy or girl) and yet does dumb shit like getting all retarded and trying to drive. What's wrong with staying in your house and doing whatever the hell you want? Ease up George. Your title run as CooterPunch's "Coolest Gay Dude on the Planet" could suddenly come to an end!

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