Thursday, September 07, 2006

Man Arrested for Stealing $7mil - But That's Only Half of it

After getting arrested for stealing $7 million from your company to fuel your gambling habit, I'm sure you'd feel like you just got kicked in the satchel and life couldn't possibly get worse. That is, until you get bailed out by your wife... and your girlfriend.

An executive charged with stealing $7 million from his company to fuel a gambling habit hit the daily double yesterday when his wife and his mistress appeared in court together to bail him out of jail.

Yoshio Yamaki, 56, bowed to the two women in his life as they stepped forward in Brooklyn Federal Court to sign a $350,000 bond freeing the former president of Sigma USA after six weeks behind bars at the Metropolitan Detention Center.

Magistrate Judge Lois Bloom uncovered the love-triangle after she asked a few routine questions of the bond-signers.

"I am the wife," Hiroko Yamaki informed Bloom through an interpreter.

"I met him in a restaurant. ... We live together," explained Megumi Tsuji, who is a hostess in a Japanese restaurant.

The judge appeared momentarily flustered and explained she did not intend to embarrass the women. "Mr. Yamaki, you are an incredibly lucky man," Bloom said.

Yamaki had phoned his wife last January to say he wasn't coming home to their Long Island apartment before moving into Tsuji's apartment in Queens.

In two previous attempts he had failed to get a bail package together, but finally managed to persuade the wife of 23 years to help him out.

According to court papers, Yamaki went on betting sprees in Atlantic City, Las Vegas, the Bahamas and Connecticut. A tipster blew the whistle on him in an anonymous e-mail to his older brother and company chairman Michihiro Yamaki, who founded Sigma, a top camera maker.

Now that just sucks. We hope he enjoys his time in prison with a new wife and girlfriend, who will both have a penis.