Thursday, September 07, 2006

Lesbian Bride Punched in Face at Her Wedding

What's more fun than a lesbian wedding? (besides a lesbian honeymoon) - a brawl at a lesbian wedding!

A lesbian bride was left with a black eye when her gay wedding ended in a mass punch-up in the UK.

Up to 20 guests were said to have brawled at the reception after a comment made by a male relative. He then fled in the bridal car, complete with white ribbons, as police and ambulance crews arrived.

Trouble flared shortly after 9.30pm. Vanessa was punched in the face, and left sobbing for her honeymoon in Turkey.

A male guest also needed first aid to a facial injury — and the bash ended early to prevent any further trouble.

What a shame..... that the guests couldn't stick around to watch the bride and bride get drunk and make out on the dance floor.