Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Lindsay Lohan Can't Escape High School

Our friends at IDLYITW are reporting on a story about Lindsay Lohan recently being dumped by Harry Morton (I don't even know who the F that dude is). Anyway, that's not the real "scoop".

Over the weekend, Lohan actually schemed a plot to win Harry back by trying to make him jealous, and at the same time, pissing off Paris Hilton. Page Six reports:

The devious redhead was overheard calling Hilton's ex-love Stavros Niarchos on Saturday to ask for help in getting her revenge. According to our earwitness, Lohan told Niarchos, "No one can know I got dumped . . . You will look like a total stud, and it will drive Paris crazy [if we hang out together]."... And so the pair appeared Sunday at Dragonfly in L.A. "where they held hands and made out all night and then drove in separate cars back to [Lohan's] suite at the Chateau."

How has Harry responded?

...Morton hasn't swallowed the bait..."She was just too much for him...That, and she was extremely jealous and would harass him with texts, e-mails and phone calls constantly."

What you just read has to be the gayest shit I've ever heard. I mean, yeah the whole Lindsay Lohan "revenge/jealousy plot" is stupid. But even more stupid is how sites are reporting this crap. Sure, I write about celebs. But if I got PAID to write about "who dumped who", "why he did it" and "how she's getting her revenge"... I would chop off my own penis and stick it in the garbage disposal.