Monday, September 18, 2006

Kitchen Cat Fight! Rachael Ray Kicks Martha Out.

Four staffers from Martha Stewart's show tried to sneak into a taping of junior domestic diva Rachael Ray's show last week, but a security guard who works for both shows recognized them and had them ejected. Ray's show, which begins today on its nationally syndicated run, will compete against Stewart's daytime show, which has garnered only so-so ratings thus far.

But a Page Six source says that Ray's show has nothing to hide: "[The spies] were kicked out because they lied about their names. Otherwise they would have been welcome to stop by." A Stewart spokesman says the quartet weren't asked to leave by the guard, but by one of Martha's former audience coordinators who now works for Ray.

Rachael Ray's show hasn't even aired yet and we're already loving it! Nothing beats an old fashioned kitchen fight... as long as it involves flour, milk, chocolate syrup, whipped cream, minimal clothing and a couple of spatulas.