Saturday, August 19, 2006

VW & Playboy - a Marketing Match Made in Heaven

Now this is brilliant marketing.

Volkswagen and Playboy have combined two (well, technically 4) of my favorite things to create one very cool ad.

I'm a big fan of German auto makers. I'm also a big fan of hot chicks. Especially the 3 hot chicks seen in this pic. They're a part of the best show on TV right now - E!'s Girls Next Door. A reality show which follows the lives of Hef's 3 live-in girlfriends Kendra, Holly and Bridget.

And for the first time in Playboy history, they shot a front AND back cover for the new September issue. But what's even cooler about this front and back cover is how those clever MF'ers digitally created a VW Rabbit logo tattoo and placed it on the small of Holly's back. GENIUS! Add the tattoo to the headline at the top of the back cover and you've got BRILLIANT!

For more on VW's new Rabbit, click here
And for more on Kendra, click here.
Holly - here
Bridget here :)

* UPDATE - Holly actually has a Playboy bunny logo on her back. So maybe she gave the marketing folks some inspiration for this slick ad.