Thursday, August 24, 2006

As Always, Dane Cook Tries Too Hard

Just like in his shiteous stand-up routine, Dane Cook tried too hard. This time it left someone toothless. And not just anyone. The most beautiful woman in Hollywood.

Jessica Alba
is missing a tooth after an over-zealous love scene with new movie co-star Dane Cook left her needing dental work.

The "Sin City" star was shooting kissing scenes with Cook in their upcoming film "Good Luck, Chuck" when the couple's teeth clashed.

She explains, "I lost a tooth. Isn't that disgusting? Dane and I were smashing our faces together."

Hey Dane, this isn't one of your boyfriends. You can't just headbutt someone before trying to kiss them, you big f'ing 'tard. Chicks don't find that sexy.