Monday, May 07, 2007

Sony and the PS3... still reaching

Sony recently launched their new "Home" service for the hurting Playstation 3. They have taken a hard beating for their $600 DVD player and are trying to throw sh*t at the wall, in hopes it will stick.

Technically, it's still a beta and from what we gather, Playstation Home is sort of virtual world with a make believe "you", walking around talking to other fakies.

In the words of a PS3 owner - "I dont see the appeal.. talk to people through a virtual world and pretend to be something you are not... yay. Go outside and meet people"

It's a bit of Sims + Leisure Suit Larry + World of Warcraft.

What's the objective here? How do you beat the game? What is the appeal? And if you actually have a life, will the PS3's Home appeal to you?

For us, sitting on the couch with a controller and a keyboard chatting with other losers doesn't seem like a system seller. But maybe we're missing something.

Hey Sony, where are the games? All of the hot games are on the Xbox 360. And even the good games that have been out for a while on the 360 and supposed to be out soon for the PS3, aren't coming out in the near future for Sony's big, black empty box. They can't even get the 360's leftovers! We feel for those dummies who bought a Playstation 3 as their only next-generation gaming console. They are truly missing out.