Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Reason #342 Why Kids Are Fat

From CNN -

Citing fear that students will get hurt and sue, an elementary school south of Boston has banned tag, touch football, and all other "chase games" from the playground. Students should also be advised to take caution when racing one another; should one student take the lead it might be observed that the other students are merely "chasing" first place. To alleviate confusion, all students should run in straight lines and finish each race in a virtual tie.

WTF is going on nowadays? God forbid kids get outside for 30 minutes a day and exercise, because they're damn sure not doing it at home with the internet, TV and videogames.

What's next? Banning reading in fear that kids will develop a headache and the parents will sue? No more writing, in fear of carpal tunell? So sad.