Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Whitney Leaving Bobby... for Osama?

In today's "too little, too late" news - Whitney Houston has filed for divorce from husband Bobby Brown.

The sad part is, if this news broke about 10 years ago we'd think "Good for Whitney! He's such a bad influence." But lately, it's Whitney who's life has been completely out of control with the drinking and drugs.

The most completely insane and fucked up part of this whole story, has to do with the world's most notorious terrorist, Osama bin Laden. According to this story, Bin Laden is so obsessed with Whitney Houston that he's even considered putting a hit on Bobby Brown. While that shit seems too wacko to be true, it's pretty damn funny. We can only imagine Osama kicking back, watching The Bodyguard and crying every time Whitney sings "I Will Always Love You".