Friday, September 08, 2006

Today's Creepy News - Man Selling MLB Player's Wife's Dress

This is just strange.

The photo you see here was actually edited on (his wife was taken out of the picture). But somehow, a fan stalker got a hold of this dress and is selling it on Ebay.

From the auction page -

"This auction is for the Famous Brown Dress worn by Melissa Lima while her husband, Jose, sang the National Anthem before a Los Angeles Dodgers baseball game. This auction also includes the 8X10 glossy color photograph of Melissa, Jose and Jose, Jr. shown below. If requested, prior to shipping, Melissa will personalize an autograph on the photo.

This photograph of Melissa in the dress drew world wide attention and the photograph was later cropped to take Melissa Lima out of the picture. To say the least, there was considerable controversy regarding both the photograph and the dress.

This dress is a size medium and 100 percent cotton. It measures 38" long from the top of the shoulder straps to the bottom of the dress. It is 13" across at the bust. Obviously, there is considerable stretch and give in this material. The Maker / Designer is "Velvet".

This dress & photograph would look great in a game room or sports bar. It would most definitely be a conversation piece for years to come. Melissa has been voted the hottest MLB baseball wife on"

Great in a game room or sports bar? Who the fuck hangs up a dress in their game room? The only thing I'd do with that dress is run a black light over it.