Monday, September 11, 2006

Pope's Parents met via Personal Ad

Pope Benedict's father met his mother by advertising for a wife in a local Roman Catholic newspaper, a German paper reported.

Bild am Sonntag (BamS) said 43-year-old Joseph Ratzinger senior placed an advertisement as a "low-level civil servant" seeking "a good Catholic girl, who can cook and sew a bit ... to marry as soon as possible, preferably with a picture," in a Bavarian paper in March 1920.

Four months later – by now a "mid-ranking civil servant" – he posted a similar notice in the same paper, and this time received a reply from Maria Peintner, the Pope's future mother, BamS reported, citing documents from Bavarian state archives.

The second advert in the Altoetting weekly "Liebfrauenbote" stressed the gendarme Ratzinger's "irreproachable past" and said that while it would be "desirable" if his bride had some money, it was "not a condition" for marriage.

The paper said the couple married in November 1920.

The Pope has recently been quoted as saying he's now way cool with random MySpace hook-ups.