Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Never Try To Rob a Black Belt Plumber

An Ohio plumber who thought he was responding to an emergency call Tuesday found himself instead in a fight for his life with a gunman posing as the homeowner.

Township police said the 48-year-old plumber reported he got a call for an emergency at a house at 12:30 p.m. and arrived within 15 minutes. The plumber was led to the basement, where he said the other man pulled out a shotgun and demanded money.

The plumber, who told police he was trained in martial arts, wrestled the shotgun from the man, who fled. Police called in a tracking dog and arrested a 40-year-old Ann Arbor man, who is on parole for a previous armed robbery, in a nearby wooded area.

It turned out, according to Canton Police Detective Sgt. Rick Pomorski, that the suspect had broken into the home, stolen jewelry, cash, knives and the shotgun, then called the plumber to add to his loot.

What gave this retard the idea to call a plumber and attempt to rob him? Seriously. Aren't there about 3,412 better ideas than trying to rob a plumber? Who robs plumbers?