Thursday, September 21, 2006

Hanging Out With OJ Simpson

CityRag just posted a link to a page showing pictures of some randoms hanging out with OJ. We laughed at some of these (including the captions), so we're guessing you will too.

"OJ told me he just finished a bloody mary before we took this."

"My run in with OJ in the Bahamas"

"He ran off pretty quickly as soon as my friend's mom yelled, 'You took a picture with a murderer!"

"By the way OJ, did you kill your wife? Oh I'm sorry, I didn't realize that was a sensitive subject."

The last quote reminds us of one of the great crank calls ever made. A few years ago, Kidd Chris got a hold of OJ's number and gave him a ring... a few of them.

One of them -

Chris - Juice?
OJ - Yeah?
Chris- What're you doin'?
OJ - Who's this?
Chris - It's AC. Let's go kill somebody tonight!
OJ - *laughs* Alright

You can listen those calls by clicking here.