Sunday, September 17, 2006

Coincidence - Body Washes Up on CSI: Miami set

In Miami, a man's body floated up near where a crew was filming a scene for the crime show "CSI: Miami," authorities said.

The body washed up early Friday in Biscayne Bay at Bicentennial Park, which film crews were using as a helicopter staging ground for aerial shots of a fictional offshore investigation for the CBS show, police said.

"Unfortunately, it's not unusual during certain times of the year that people who have fallen in the bay, either homeless or people who were asleep or in some cases boaters who had a mishap, fall into the bay and turn up days later," said Detective Delrish Moss, a Miami police spokesman.

It's not the first dead body to unexpectedly appear on a "CSI" set. One was found this week in a Los Angeles building where "CSI: New York" was filming. Police also didn't consider that death suspicious.

Not suspicious? Dead bodies just pop up on TV filming sets and they're not suspicious? Excellent detective work.

We can only imagine the usually cool and calm David Caruso, at the site of the washed up body on his TV set, running around like a little girl screaming, "Holy shit! There's a body, there's a body! What do we do?!"