Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Britney's Daughter to be Named....


That's what the NY Daily News is reporting as Britney Spears' second child's name.

She claims the name Jailynn is in honor of her parents, Jamie and Lynn; and her little sister, Jamie Lynn. The child is also reportedly set to be delivered via C-section and will share the same birthday as Sean Preston, September 14.

While it's way easy to shit on Britney nowadays, at least she's not naming her kid Moonbounce or something. A lot of these celebs get retarded with their kids' names so it's good to see a few celeb babies with half-normal names. Even if it is a combination of 3 family members' names. Good for you Brit.

Now get a fucking divorce and move back to Louisiana so you can raise these little tater tots with your parents.