Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Botox or Crystal Meth the Culprit?

I'm sure we can agree that Fergie from the Black Eyed Peas (pictured), has a pretty nice body. And I'm also sure we can agree that Fergie has a pretty jacked up face. Bitch looks like a muppet who got hit in the face with a shovel.

Some celeb sites chalk it up to botched Botox jobs while others blame it on genetics. But it looks like the true cause of Fergie's ugly mug is her ex-boyfriend she liked to call Crystal Meth.

She admits in the new issue of Time magazine, ""It was the hardest boyfriend I ever had to break up with," she says. "I dug deep as to why I got there. It's the drug that's addicting. But it's why you start doing it in the first place that's interesting. A lot of it was being a child actor; I learned to suppress feelings."

At least she has all of her teeth... for now. Although something tells us she hasn't truly kicked the habit. Crystal meth, causing singers to piss themselves daily.