Sunday, August 27, 2006

Police Chase - Driver Had To Finish His Beer and Coke

This guy gets an A for honesty.

After watching a white GMC Suburban circle the block for 20 minutes, a homeowner called police to the 200 block of Southwest 71st Way of Pembroke Pines about 9:55 p.m. Aug. 7.

As the officer spoke to the homeowner, the sport utility vehicle passed by again.

With the officer trailing it, the SUV ran a stop sign at Southwest Fifth Street and 70th Avenue, prompting the officer to turn on his lights and siren. Traveling east on Fifth Street, the SUV ignored stop signs at 69th and 68th avenues.

When it came to a stop in front of the driver's home in the 6600 block of Southwest Seventh Street, the officer ordered the driver to the ground at gunpoint.

An open container of beer and several rocks that tested positive for crack cocaine were found in the SUV, police said.

After his arrest, the 39-year-old driver said he heard the siren but wanted to "get his car home... and said the reason he circled the block was because he wanted to finish his cocaine and beer.

I guess he's not allowed to do that stuff at home when the wife is home. Geez. Some cops have no sympathy.