Thursday, August 17, 2006

Female Canadian downhill mountain biking champ is a dude?

This is pretty funny.

Michelle Dumaresq, the person in the middle of this picture, has won the Women's Canadian Downhill Mountain Biking championship 3 years in a row now.

The woman on the left, Danika Schroeter, finished 2nd.

Danika felt like she got cheated a bit because, well... Michelle (the 3-time champ) used to be a dude. And during the ending ceremonies, Danika's boyfriend ran up to the podium and gave his 2nd place girlfriend a shirt which read "100% pure Woman Champ" (click pic to enlarge and read)

As great as this story is, it unfortunately has a crappy ending. Because of Danika's t-shirt fun, the Canadian Cycling Association suspended her for 3 months. Small price to pay for a priceless dig.