Monday, August 28, 2006

Eminem Goes Nuts on One of Hef's Girls - Update 1

We've admitted here before that we're big fans of hot chicks, so it's only natural we enjoy E!'s Girls Next Door TV show. The show basically follows the lives of Hugh Hefner's 3 live-in girlfriends in and around the Playboy mansion.

And as other fans of the show know, Heff's youngest girlfriend is 21-year-old Kendra Wilkinson. You'll also know that she's a big fan of hip hop. She's always talking about how she'd like to be in a rap video and even got herself a gaudy set of grillz put in her mouth.

It seems like Kendra was finally getting her wish by appearing in her first hip hop video. After the video shoot - she posted a blog about the day's events on her MySpace page.

Long story short - Eminem was on the set of the video shoot. It sounds like the video was for R&B star Akon and Eminem was making an appearance *?*

Anyway, Mr. Mathers approaches Kendra, tells her he's a fan, etc... then minutes later, randomly pours a bottle of water on her. She said he looked like "he was overdosing on drugs".

If this story is true, the only reason I can imagine this happening is that Kendra shot down Eminem's gameplan of wanting to infect her with his gonorrhea, he got offended and pissed on her with a water bottle.

Apparently she took the blog offline shortly after posting it. But someone copied it before it got taken down. I'd post the entire contents here, but the grammar in it gives me a fucking migraine. And after reading some of Kendra's real blogs on her page, this might have actually been her typing it. Only hot chicks can get away with sounding like a 3rd grader. Click here to read the post and decide for yourself whether or not you think it's true...

Update - Eminem has since apologized by sending flowers to the Playboy mansion. Also updated the blog entry URL